iniTempe Bali Segitiga Spirulina 5pcs (Bali Area Only)

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IDR 9,900.00 11,000.00
iniTempe Bali Segitiga Spirulina 5pcs (Bali Area Only) 100 100

Fresh Organic Non GMO tempe dicampur spirulina
handmade in Bali

1. Monday & Tuesday Will be sent on Thursday

2. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Will be sent on Tuesday

3. Sunday is closed

4. Last PO at 16.00 PM (Bali Area)

Payment before shipping Shipping cost belongs to customer

You can put tempe in room tempt, ready to consume or cooked in the Next Day

Tempe yang kami kirim, diletakkan di suhu ruang dan siap dikonsum Hari Berikutnya

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