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Happy Cooking Packs



- 10 tempe original

- 5 tempe spirulina

- 1 tempe instant


High in Protein and Full of Umami in your mouth.

Gourmet Spirulina Tempe to the next level


Dilute sea salt, mushroom stock, and soaked cheese tempe for 5 mns,

Fried or air fried with coconut oil or butter.


This mouthwatering tempe is really good for salad, sandwich or burger.


Dangerously gewd !



. . . . . .


instant, easy, and delicious


Our new product, Tempe Instant.

Very simple, you don’t have to make tempe from scratch, last up to 1 year and can be shipped to overseas.


Just seasoning the boiling water (for exp: curry, sea salt, mushroom stock, coconut milk) and boil tempe for 10mns. It can be used for salad or fry the tempe after boiled with seasoned water. Eat crispy tempe with steammy rice, sambal or crumble for salad.



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