• How to storage my tempe?


  • How to know if my tempe is still okay to eat?

It’s firm, compact and smell fresh yeasty like mushroom aroma

If your tempe is smells like ammonia aroma, it’s a sign that your tempe is not good to eat

Tempe is spoil when it’s slimmy and sticky in texture, the colour of the beans change become dark brown colour

If you are not sure, your tempe still edible or not

Take a picture and send them to us via email ( or whatsapp WA +62 812-3789-6297

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Some of you might ask me, why did my tempe turn to over ripe faster?
it's because misshandling (not keep cool enough in fridge/let outside for few hours after bought/ stack together with other tempe)

Ask us to know your tempe is edible / not by taking picture and send us trough whatsapp or email :D

  • Why is there white and black stuff on my tempe?

This is very normal after a few hours of the fermentation, it’s edible and safe to eat, no need to trim them.

Black spots occurs cause the mould expose with oxygen too much.

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