•  What is Tempe?

Tempe is fermented soybean that binds together with Rhizopus sp (tempe mould) become a firm meaty texture
High in protein and
contains vit B12 as plant based alternative

  • What are the difference between tempe & tofu?

  • What makes iniTempe Bali is different with others?

We mantain our product's quality, delivered to customers.

By using double fermentation method, more amino acids are produced in our tempe to form protein in our body. Our products are naturally wrapped with organic banana leaf, which means vit B12 of tempe is 7x times more than regular plastic tempe.
We believe eat plant based is healthy and easy. What a great way, you can enjoy it with iniTempe Bali. A gift from Indonesia to the world.

Our social impacts?

Thriving together with our communities is our priority.
We are empowering local women and non gmo soy farmer across Central Java and Bali for employment and collaboration. Our values are giving more positive impact and be an example for others.

  • What are the healthy benefit of eating tempe?

  • iniTempe is Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten Free?

iniTempe is Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.
We only use plant based ingredients to make fresh tempe and gluten free flour such as fermented cassava flour to our snack products. Feel free to ask us for any questions.

  • How to cook fresh iniTempe?

Easy peasy, you can stew, grill, sautee, bake or anything by adding marination and spices the way you like it.
We will provide initempe 101 how to use our products on youtube channel soon !
  •  Where can I buy iniTempe products?

Find us here! 

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